With financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Save the Children has successfully entered into the second phase of the project titled “Strengthening Schools to Nurture Effective School Readiness and Learning Experiences for First Grade Children in Mongolia”. It focuses on 24 public schools located in “ger” areas of Ulaanbaatar in Bayanzurkh, Chingeltei and Songinokhairkhan districts with a high proportion of children living in marginal conditions. 

The project trains teachers and non-teaching school experts, provides specialized materials and builds the capacity of the schools to give First Grade children positive learning experiences experiences in the important first years of school. Save the Children expects the project to reach 28,664 direct and 121,500 indirect beneficiaries.

  • To enhance the knowledge, understanding and capacity of primary teachers and educators at target schools through in-service training on subjects related to child development, school readiness and school transition;
  • To establish mechanisms in target schools to help first graders adapt to school and enjoy positive learning experiences, especially those children without the benefit of an early childhood education;
  • To inform and engage parents and caregivers to address children’s  school readiness and transition issues;
  • To institutionalize and sustain successful models of school readiness and transition programs through policy advocacy.